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11 Best Rice Cookers For 2021, According To Reviews

These cookers are usually automated and less time consuming to reduce the hassle while cooking. You can even cook soups, stew, pasta, and even cakes as well if you choose the best cooker. Finding the right cooker can surely be a daunting job unless you have an expert team doing the search for you. Stick to the article, our expert team has a list of 3-cup rice cookers that can finally ease your life. This rice cooker is unlike the others – it has a computerized cooking menu for many other types of cooking. There are eight options, including Quick Rice, Plain Rice, and Brown Rice. But that’s not all – how about Mixed Rice/Sweet Rice, Risotto, Synchro-Cooking, Stew/Soup, and Cake Baking.

Obviously, this is a small rice cooker that won’t be able to make huge volumes of rice. It also doesn’t have an automatic setting for long-grain rice, which some customers complained about. It can hold up to 5.5 cups of uncooked rice, making it ideal for smaller servings.

Oyama 3 Cup Traditional Rice Cooker And Warmer

This rice cooker, despite its price and size, has meal versatility, automatic Keep Warm functions, and a variety of product color options in its arsenal. It yields up to two cups of rice for healthier portion control. The Black+Decker RC506 Rice Cooker is a new and improved version of its predecessors. It’s an easy to use and fool-proof rice cooker that can help you cook your complete daily meals in one cycle. This rice cooker comes with a stainless steel cooking pot and steamer basket or tray where you can put your meat and veggies to cook simultaneously with your rice. You can look at and monitor the progress of steaming with the tempered glass lid with a stay-cool handle.

Best Rice Cooker For Perfect Rice

You can remove the steam vent easily and wash it after every cook. You will get a moisture collector with this rice cooker that you don’t need to buy for extra. Outer and inner sides are made of stainless steel to stay for longer life.

Budget Pick: Hamilton Beach Rice And Hot Cereal Cooker

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